We know that antioxidants hold multiple benefits for our health and wellbeing. But, how to choose the best antioxidant?

Simply put, ensure you have the following information at hand:

  • Types of antioxidants: many types of antioxidant that you may choose

  • Benefits of each types: Each types of antioxidants will give you different functions for your health. Find out what are the health benefits of the antioxidants will help you to match it with your body’s need for your health and wellness.

  • Antioxidants’ sources: Antioxidants comes from many sources such as fruits, vegetables, meats, egg and marine sources. Means that you can get antioxidants easily from what you eat every day. Understand what kind of foods rich of antioxidants is very important. Antioxidants also come in form of capsule, powder or liquid especially for people who are hard to keep the routine to eat healthy every day.

Expert advises

Always ask for experts’ advice and guide when you are unsure of the type of antioxidants works best for you.