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About Us

We’re using emerging wellness science where everyone can enjoy benefits of being healthy and confidence, using digital technology and leadership training to raise entrepreneur’s financial and life standards.

Our slogan "Raise Your State" - Being HEALTHY, YOUTHFUL, CONFIDENCE & PROSPEROUS

Business Principles

Premium - Committed to lead the wellness industry by working with the best people and quality wellness solutions.

Sustainability - Committed to build a legacy brand for the generations to come and everyone from cultivation to consumers shall benefit.

People Centred Leadership - With unlimited potential and diversity in people, we believe cumulative growth of each individual is the foundation of a company’s growth.

Corporate Statement


Committed to Better Wellness and Wellbeing for the world.


Empower people with emerging wellness solution to bring up their ‘Best Version’ for a purposeful live in Asia Pacific by 2025.

Core Values:

We integrate our Passion and Purpose into implementing the ideal strategy to meet the objectives of both Health and Wellbeing, based on our core values of Compassion, Accountability, Drive, Insightful and Collaborative.

Core Values


Observe, Listen, Understand and Assist.

Our compassion is what allows us to understand where we’re needed and what we can do to help.


Taking personal ownership and pride in our actions and always put forth our best effort.


When it is good, we will continue to benchmark.

Excellence is a habit not a destination. We challenge with enthusiasm and move beyond the call of duty because that is our enterprise DNA.


Beyond now, connecting to trend.

We question current and look for better way. We’re excited by ingenuity and thrilled for emerging trends.

You can download Vii Nutrition Sdn Bhd company profile here.

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